My friends who have played MMOs (massively multiplayer online) before were all very excited to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since all of them wanted to play either tank or DPS (damage-dealing roles) characters, they persuaded me into being their healer. In general, many girl gamers do end up healing with their main “toon” (MMO lingo for character). I am not sure if this is because girls end up compromising (as many women do in society/relationship) for guys who do not enjoy healing or it is because women really enjoy playing healers.

When they first asked me to play, I heavily resisted – mainly because of my initial bias against gamers. Gamers are generally viewed by the world as anti-social geeks, wasting time and money on a non-existent world. However, slowly I caved in to my friends’ pleads – after all, it is a game related to Star Wars, and I wanted to give it a try before forming permanent opinions on the gaming community.

Two years later, my friends have quit, and I…am still playing. And yes, my main toon is still a healer.