Imperial side does have better everything than the Republic side on SWTOR. Like, everything. Sure, the Jedi sentinel storyline was pretty good (from what I hear since I rarely pay attention to storyline past Act 1), but that is pretty much it (reference: friends’ consensus). I understand that my references are from my friends’ consensus and my opinion, and that we only make up a few out of the thousands who play this game, but after playing a Republic toon for up to a year (at the time), I did regret not having the fantastic experience of playing an Imperial toon (at the time).

Agree or Disagree?

Just FYI, our future SWTOR comic will continue on her adventures as a Marauder and Sorc. However, since there are more stories related to Arli and soon to be her future PVP toon, Honuea – you will be seeing them in between.