There comes a time in every raid group when a member is replaced for whatever reason (i.e. real life events, member is disruptive to the group, scheduling conflicts, etc). For us, our DPS commando Leyla-gayle was replaced with a DPS sage Aisha*.

For the record, whether Aisha was a “he” or a “she” mattered only from a social perspective, and not from a gaming perspective. I was in charge of weekly emails, guild and raid scheduling so I did not want to use the wrong personal pronoun when referring to Aisha. This is because some people do get offended if they were identified with the wrong sexual identity and I did not want to embarrass them.

I ended up asking a stupid question to see if I can deductively figure out Aisha’s gender without directly asking…which was an idiotic thing to do because one’s color preference is not an accurate predictor (except in a few special cases) for gender or sexual identity. /facepalm.

What happened a year later…I’ll never forget. If you guys like this comic, I’ll do a part 2 about something embarrassing that happened to me about a year later.

*Name has been altered for privacy.