Yes, this is a true story that happened with my very first raid group.

My healing partner, who I have been healing with for an entire year, decided to tell me this in the middle of Denova.

Because I have only been with a handful of raid groups, I am unsure how often people complain about healers. I am even more unsure, how many healers complain about their healing partners. While this question my friend asked me did leave me speechless (mostly because it has been a year we have been healing together), I am really glad he was honest about it because we were able to work better together as a team. 🙂

I hesitated posting this comic up because it IS a true story, and I do feel a bit bad about it since it is about an old raid friend. This guy is probably the most kindest person I have ever met (in-game) in the entire SWTOR. However, I do want to wrap up my SWTOR stories, thus, it must come out.