In this instance, I had to click the escape pod to go down to the planet for the boss fights. A lot of people were in a rush to show up on time, so it became a race to get to the available escape pods. In those days, the spawn time for escape pods were very slow. Moreover, some of the escape pods did not work no matter how many times you clicked it. You can see how it would be a hassle to wait – so I suppose people were not really courteous about these kind of things.

Andi was already at the ground, listening to Teakus (our former GM) for battle strategies. I am not sure why, but our guild had tons of commandos at the time, and the fact that loot drop was class specific at the time irritated many commandos in the raid group. This is because it means that they had less opportunity of getting a loot. It did not help that Andi, also a commando, was running with them for gear – and that is why people were complaining to Teakus. Poor Andi – he felt guilty for being there.

On another note, I really admire raid leaders for their patience and dedication with not only coming up with battle strategies, but organizing and settling upset raid members. It is a lot of work, and it can get irritating. While Teakus threw a lot of “F”-bombs, I can see that he did try his best to please his group/guildies. 🙂

I know that this comic strip did not go much into the fights, but I wanted to give some info on composition, raid leaders, loot rules, and the atmosphere of our 16 man raid group to set base for the upcoming parts 3 and 4.