I lived in a fairly conservative town with very conservative parents, so I really never had the opportunity to have the “talk” with my parents. Of course in 7th grade, we were given a general education about how babies developed via the mother’s egg as well as male and female anatomy. However, to my knowledge, my teacher never told us HOW the sperm fertilized the egg, except to say that it did, and that it leads to such and such stages of gestation, etc.

I do recall kids making jokes about “the snake and garden” or “the hose and the bush”, but I guess I never picked it up. It just wasn’t interesting to me at that point in my life. What I do recall was that I was interested in how babies came out of the mother. My mom had an explanation for everything, and I will soon to make comic about that story. 😛

I do think that these days, a lot more young teens are aware of sex…perhaps due to having easier access to information on the internet, parents/teachers speaking more openly about it, or the media becoming more open to showing/expressing sexual themes. I want to argue that perhaps I was not aware of how babies were really made because kids “back in the day” were more innocent, but that would truly make me feel OLD. Moreover, my own individual experience does not delineate the knowledge of the kids in my generation. Yes, I used the word ‘generation’ and now, I do feel aged. -__-

To everyone – I will be in SoCal this weekend so there will be no comic on Monday. I may take a couple of pictures to post up, but other than that, I’d like you to know the SWTOR comic resumes next Wednesday! Thank you 🙂