These days, everything is delivered to our door – from household supplies to clothes and groceries, shipping makes shopping very convenient. On the other hand, this may also lead to a buildup of recyclable materials in the corner of the house somewhere. While glasses and cans may be very straightforward to recycle, boxes must be taken apart, pressed flat, and carried to a separate box recycling bin… and wow, it really takes a large amount of effort. These are the few moments when we wish we lived closer to the box recycling bin. D:

BTW, Happy Fourth of July everyone! I was intending to draw a comic on an event that happened 3 years ago on the fourth of July. I was listening to the radio and people who called into the radio station for concert tickets were to answer this question: “why do we celebrate the fourth of July?” And all three callers could not answer this question…one woman asked if it had to do with Christopher Columbus landing in America… I thought that was a bit too depressing of a topic, and chose to draw an event that had occurred today. Would you guys have liked the other story better? 🙁