I normally enjoy a good, long conversation – really, about anything – life, current events, religions, family, science, gaming, traveling, food, etc. AND I DO appreciate people’s honesty when we hold conversations. However, my guildie really had this way of talking that exhausted me.

In some ways, I did feel bad for him because he was playing DPS when he wanted to play a healer. However, he did know and had already agreed that upon joining our raid group, he would be playing a DPS. We were a “serious” raid group at the time, and so people were less willing to be flexible about switching roles.

We had this conversation before. Actually, multiple times. And it goes on for HOURS. He just keeps bringing it up over and over even though neither Kanz nor I wanted to give up healing. Perhaps I was feeling more negative because there had been a talk at the time to replace Kanz (and I enjoyed Kanz’s company so I was hesitant about his replacement). I am unsure.

I felt bad using my cat as an excuse to leave – but I needed to just leave and think about everything he had told me. Moreover, after an intensely long conversation, I really needed a quiet place to rest my ears. Oh, my ears.