I have been playing Heroes of the Storm (HotS) for over a month now. The characters are very straight forward to play with, but mastering the game itself requires a lot of teamwork, strategy, timing skills, and understanding of the game play.

By no means am I even close to a high ranked player. However, I wanted to share a clip of one of my most favorite troll character I enjoy playing: Murky.

Murky is one of those characters I consider “guilty pleasures.” He’s a complete troll. While he has the lowest health pool in all of the characters, each of his death is considered a 0.25 kill instead of a full 1 kill. He spawns after a 5 second cool down right after his death at a “secret” location where he laid his egg. Thus, many consider it pointless to kill Murky as a primary target because he spawns back so quickly anyways. If the opponents find and destroy Murky’s egg along with Murky, his death is considered a full death and his spawning time will be much longer.

However, leaving Murky alone to damage forts is not a smart move. His area attacks (sliming and area blasting a radius with his pufferfish) can cause heavy damages to opponent’s forts/buildings, and will help Murky’s teammates in reaching to destroying the Core (destroy the Core first = win).

I gave him an Easter bunny-theme skin, which is why he has white rabbit ears and he’s carrying a flower bouquet and a basket of colored Easter eggs. I chose Octo-grab as his Heroic ability – basically you grab one opponent of choice for 3 seconds with an octopus leg while you slap him/her with a trout (but in my case, a bouquet). 😀

Andi made this clip for me last night. Hope you enjoy it!