Thank you for your honest opinions and feedback, especially for clearly explaining how that comic negatively perpetuated stereotypes about girl gamers. I’m really grateful that these comments were not hateful comments, but that they make valid points.

It’s ironic to me that I’m actually doing it to myself since it was something I have been struggling against as well. Perhaps, I subconsciously accepted the stereotypes that were thrown onto me when I started playing the games. You’re right, I should not have used words that have been negatively associated with women nor should I have used attributes to describe girl gamers in the first place. Regardless of how I intended on making the point, the point was wrong. I was wrong.

I am really encouraged to see a community that steps in and takes faulty ideas seriously. I promise to be more conscientious of the ideas I am posting and stay away from stereotypes in future comics (and in my life in general :P).

I originally wanted to respond to each of the comments individually, but reblogging only quoted my original post. If you would like to give me further feedback, I’d love to chat with you. Email me at