You can say that this was the first raid group “drama” that we have experienced. Even though Kanz and I practiced healing, worked out strategies, etc., together, I suppose people were still feeling that our raid healing was lacking. There are a lot of things that went through my mind during this time as a first time MMO-player…

1. When someone dies, is it always the healer’s fault?

Sure, a competent healer(s) can manage their resources, and at the same time, always heal everyone up to full so that even if the DPS took a full boss damage to the face, the DPS would not necessarily die. Sure, if a DPS was standing where they should not be, a “competent” and aware sage healer, should be able to force pull the DPS to safety, right? I was unable to answer this question at the time, partly because of my inexperience and partly because of my personal background – being taught that everything is always a group effort, and if people fail, it is because I did not do more to help. Thus, I felt after the talk with Andi, that it was also my fault for not training harder and/or working better with Kanz.

2. I didn’t know that I would get attached to people who I never met in real life.

I didn’t think that I would get friendly with people I meet in a game. This was a completely novel idea to me – that you can meet friends in a game. I mean, isn’t a gamer supposed to be anti-social and society always poking fun at gamers for just playing with “fake people” all day?

Though it was not like Kanz and I were best buddies-I’ll-tell-you-my-secret-you-tell-me-yours type, I respected him as a person and sometimes, complaining together (as healers) was really fun.

This wasn’t a happy comic, but it is what happened. I am hoping to post a comic on Tuesday about soccer – so look forward to that! If you’re following the SWTOR series, then you’ll probably see one either this Friday or Saturday! 🙂