My two thoughts about this comic:

1) It irritates me when players call me or other range classes out for kiting/LOS-ing. Um… that’s how we are supposed to play.

2) When I get an Electro Net on me, I always get into a short Electro Net dilemma. Do I stand here and face tank the DPSer(s)? OR… Do I try running away, taking increasing damage over time from the Electro Net, and possibly having people make fun of me for “not noticing” that there’s an Electro Net around Arli? It really depends whether I am healing or DPSing, whether there is a healer around me, how much life Arli has left, as well as how many people are chasing me.

Usually, Arli would still run a short distance around the column to self-heal. But she figures, this Merc, probably isn’t the greatest of players, as he persistently chases her at very close range. Perhaps, she can kill him… perhaps.

What do you usually do when you’re faced with the Electro Net dilemma?