Hi Everyone,

I have been out of town this past weekend and was unable to post a comic for Monday. However, I took some pictures of some of the places I have visited. Strangely enough, these areas reminded me of some locations and quests in ArcheAge.

Top: That island looks like the prison island off the coast of Halcyona…I remember I disliked going into the water pit and grabbing some prisoner’s remains. EWW >_< Left Top: The terrain reminded me of Hasla with its steep, green mountains and many, many mobs to kill. Left Bottom: Windscour Savannah - where you can see zebras and random oases that fill up in 3 seconds. Right Top: Sanddeep! Only because I see people walking around and I want to throw water bombs at them. Right bottom: Arcum Iris, obviously, where I can collect those useless dragon fruits. I really do appreciate how beautiful each environment is. Although, I am not sure what it says about me when I look at scenery and the first thing that comes to mind is a location in a game. At least I did not bring my game with me, unlike Andi...who actually logged on to check on his farm. -_- ahem* I will be back on Wednesday with more comics. See you then! <3 Cat and the Coffee Drinker