Kanz, my healer buddy, was a keyboard turner… many gamers do keyboard turn using WASD, but for some reason, he used the arrow keys instead. What was interesting about this setup was that he keyboard turned with his LEFT hand, while using his default keybinds (1 through = ) to heal also with his LEFT hand. This means that it would be fairly difficult to heal while moving, although for sages, you can only do about 3 heals on the move anyways (cleanse, rejeuvenate, and force bubble). These days you can proc instant heals, but that was not available back then. I am unsure how he had the patience to do this through 50 levels since he did use WASD and mouse to move around in his WOW days. Eventually, our main tank taught him to use the WASD keys instead.

I gotta give him credit though, for being able to still heal like that. Though..he sure looked like a Cactuar while he was running around.

Here’s an example of a Cactuar for those who are not familiar with Final Fantasy.