PVP stands for player vs. player. Yes, this means that you will directly compete against other players’ characters in designated areas called warzones. When SWTOR first launched, there were 3 warzones: Voidstar, Civil War, and Huttball. While Voidstar and Civil War were more of team death matches, Huttball required players to participate in objectives to win the game. Huttball can be thought of as football, getting the ball across to the other team’s endzone. This requires a lot of coordination from grabbing, passing, and catching the ball – as well as slowing, stunning, and killing enemies from stealing your ball.

With all that said….Huttball is definitely not the first warzone you want to be introduced to if you have never played pvp before. Find out what happens to Arli on her first PVP match for the next Monday’s comic!