Dear PUGs (who I queued with in the last two weeks):

…the past two weekends, Arli has been trying to queue with PUGs (pick-up groups). And whether it’s ancient hypergate… or civil war….or novare coast… whenever a node guard would call out “1 west,” her whole team would rush to help the node guard(s). She thought to herself, is it really necessary to send 7 people to fight 1-2 people at a captured node? Or to ditch the node you are guarding to help a node guard on the other side of the map?!?!

Yes, it could be a mob mentality thing…or that some players are just really that blood-thirsty. Maybe they just love playing the hero? Perhaps these players just wanted to play wherever they see the “good” players go.

Now, I am not saying that the average PUG cannot defend a Mid pylon by him/herself. I certainly don’t mind guarding a node alone, but capturing it alone when faced with 4-5 opponents is a different story. Is it really that difficult for most of the team to stay until we either capture the pylon or at least stay long enough to prevent the opponents from capturing it? Just please – send 1 or 2…

BTW, I think it’s fine for 1-2 teammates to leave mid to try to 1v1/2v2 at the opponent’s captured node. I am mostly referring to PUGs who just leave a node completely in the middle of a fight.

Also, I have been streaming my games more frequently recently. Thoughts on streaming coming up~