When BioWare introduced availability of player housing to us, I have to admit – I was not that interested. THEN, I found out that I can use the housing as a quick way to travel to Fleet and my ship without the usage of my fleet pass and the ship pass (both of which had cooldowns)! YAY!

Moreover, I can store my legacy bank, guild bank, and my inventory right next to my mailbox! OMG! I also added an area to augment my gear and a GTN so I can quickly purchase and augment any gear without traveling through the entire fleet.

I find it pretty amusing when my guy friends change their mind about asking me to decorate their house after they see how empty my house really is. I do think it’s a nice touch to add the decoration feature to the guild ships and housing. I admire my friends who do spend the effort, money, and time to make a really professional looking house.

However, I do think I am more of an utility type of person – and I see it more as a resource. So yes, please don’t ask me to decorate your house. I’ll probably only spend 5 minutes decorating it, and even I admit, it really doesn’t look that great.