Today’s comic is on Cities: Skylines. Basically, it’s crazier, realistic, and much more fun version of Sim City.

I was first hesitant to play this game, but once Andi challenged me to “who will build a better city” match, I went right into to it. First night, I started at 9PM in the evening, and played 10 hours straight. I, of course, named the town: Fenneltown.

It was definitely a roller coaster of experience. One of the earlier mistakes I made was caring too much the town people’s feelings. I know I sound like a horrible person saying that, but it was because I cared about their happiness/unhappiness so much that it made it more difficult for me to fix up/adjust parts of the city, such as adding larger roads to relieve the traffic.

The town’s complaints become endless – houses are burning, people are abandoning their businesses and homes, people are under-educated, people are over-educated, there is not enough electricity to run the city, there’s a build up of trash, people are diseased, toxicity and pollution are spreading every where,…the list is endless.

That’s when I stopped caring about “unhappy” towns people. I bulldozed many parts of my town, re-sectioned it, and built roads on top of the commercial areas. Oh geez, I’m going into the details again. >_< All in all, it’s a really fun game, and for a $30, it’s definitely a bargain.