At first, I thought I had misheard them. Then, after I realized they were using gamer lingo, I felt even more lost in my very first flashpoint.

Gamer lingo can be confusing, but using them really helps game strategies and player-to-player communication. Just look it up, practice it, and use it.

Other terms for trash I learned later: mobs, adds.

Shall I go for Part 3 or you guys had enough of Taral V? 😛

Note about the art:
– I tried to draw as close to Columi outfit as I can research online, but I had to make up some parts of it because some of the viewpoints were not available. The twi’lek outfit, for example is completely made up while the commando’s outfit is my translation of a better Republic trooper outfit. 😛
– I reshaped the twi’lek’s ears into a more feline-shaped ears. I think it looks better this way than the weird cone shaped ears that they do have. It was a personal style change – hope you guys like it too. 🙂