Note: SWTOR comic coming this Wednesday!

Hey guys – I checked out closed beta for ArcheAge over the weekend and thought it would be fun to do a comic on this pretty intense game, focused on crafting, trading, and PVP.

Basically, there are multiple steps when it comes to gathering resources, crafting, and completing missions. This comic is about the final quest in a chain of missions that introduced players to trade runs – a high-risk, high-reward task.

We had to make some vegetable flavored cookies and deliver them to a port located on an enemy continent. Normally, people would go in large groups to fend off sea creatures and pirates and/or ask more experienced players with boats to help navigate the turbulent journey. However, we started this game much later than other players and we really had no resources to go build a proper boat. Our friends were playing in another server so they were not available to help us. We still wanted to complete this mission before the beta weekend ended, which is why we ended up crossing the ocean in a crummy rowboat.

Needless to say, we were terrified of running into level 50 sea creatures or pirates (a band of RL players who kill and rob traders because they’re mean!!! >:O). The consequence of dying in a trade run is that you have to start the whole journey over – beginning with making the cookies from scratch again.

Apparently, when players are killed, they leave traces of blood stains in the water. This was almost our fate. Luckily, we were able to outrun a level 50 jelly fish that nearly killed me. And yes, we finished the rest of the quest safely.