A silly spin on what I think could have happened if I fed my sabrefang a can of lasagna. 😉

Battle pets are combat pets with defensive/offensive abilities that can assist your character in fights. In ArcheAge, battle pets such as sabrefang, wolfhound, stone golem, and/or samurai golem can be acquired via quests or purchases. You can raise them into their adult forms by feeding, washing, and entertaining your pet/mount. I find that battle pets and mounts look incredibly cute as babies than in their adult forms.

In order for my pet to attain higher abilities, it needs to participate in fights/quests. However, because I also want my mount to gain XP, I end up being forced to choose between leveling either my mount or my battle pet. I would highly appreciate it if the developers would allow both mount and battle pet to be summoned simultaneously.

Anyways, mounts in this game is another big topic I will address in next week’s comic. =)