Hello to new and old fans,

Thank you for visiting my site. As you can see, I have not been posting any new comics for the past two years.

This is probably because I have been struggling as a comic artist on figuring out my comic’s identity, whether my focus is on gaming, SWTOR, cats, being a girl gamer, marriage life, etc… I decided to give myself a few weeks off to think and focus on my daytime jobs (related to my major). The weeks became months, and of course, the months have become over two years…

What I have to come to realize is that to me, drawing comic has always been a lifetime hobby. I drew because I enjoyed drawing itself, as well as explaining my viewpoints through fun pictures. I love sharing my thoughts, listening to and learning from others, using my comics as a tool for communication. I have missed drawing comics – and I want to come back. I have not yet found what type of comics I want to draw, but I know that it will have topics related to cats, gaming, and life.

I wanted to let you know that I am going to return to drawing my comics around January 2018. It might not be updated on a strict schedule as I have done in the past, but I hope to deliver quality and heartfelt comics many can relate to.

Thank you,