Learning to interrupt casts by shushing ~ I decided to take a more comical and free interpretive approach for part 4 than ending with a “sad Arli”. If you were faced with a Sith, how would you interrupt him/her? 😛

During this boss fight, each player is paired up with a mini boss that the player must kill by him/herself. Players who have already finished killing their boss can attack his raid member’s mini boss once every 45 seconds. The key for the mini boss that the healers usually face is that the player must interrupt the enemy’s cast. This way, the damage taken is significantly reduced and the healer can focus more on attacking than healing him/herself, which in itself is pretty pointless because healing is reduced in the fight anyways.

My raid group did not explain this simple mechanic to me the first time, so I did die about twice before getting the hang of it. This was the boss fight where I learned the importance of using interrupts. I was unfamiliar with the idea of “interrupting” a casting ability since prior console games I had played never introduced this concept… now I love using interrupts and stuns, especially in warzones to not only stop other players from finishing their abilities such as telekinetic throw/grav round/etc. on me, but also stopping the opponent’s healers from casting heals. 🙂