Hey guys/gals! I have been traveling last week and came back home today. Because of traveling and not feeling well, I haven’t completed my SWTOR comic for today. Instead, I plan to switch my Friday’s comic with my Monday’s comic (which was completed 1.5-2 weeks ago, yay!). Usually the cat-themed comics take less time, so I draw multiple of these in advance. Apologies to anyone who was looking forward to what was supposed to be posted today.

<3 Arli


What I think my cat may be thinking as he (casually) walks away from my accusations.

You KNOW your cat has been playing with your things: the bite marks, how something on the table ends up under the couch or in his bed, dusty paw prints… s/he has either forgotten about it or is putting up a pretense to avoid getting in trouble. I think the latter.

Lucky for cats, they’re adorable – and cats like Fennel get away with it (almost) daily. :T