I think this applies to a lot of games. You just need ONE. MORE. WIN.

It just never happens. Pretty soon, you lose so many games in a row that you stop keeping track of your bad track record.

It just might be because you have badly geared teammates, or that the other team is a double/triple pre-mades, or that your team is a pre-made of really good players who only care about killing people than playing objectives.

Take a few minutes break, Arli. Unfortunately, she doesn’t always take her own advice.

On the side note: I know I haven’t finished my PVP series yet. I have been mulling over some ideas for the sniper/assasin classes for WEEKS, but I am having some trouble coming up with a storyboard that I am happy with. One tip that a webcomic artist gave me is that I should never publish work I am not completely satisfied with. Thus, I will get back to them! Just wanted to let you guys know, those classes have not been forgotten 😀